"Every challenge has multiple solutions, and each solution found earns you rewards! You can try and find more solutions at any time."

('Empty the Lounge' is the only challenge available during the first level of play. You must play through to the second level ('The Gilded Steamship') and come back to The Royal Train Station to complete the other two challenges.)

Empty the LoungeEdit


  • Hint: Maintain your distance from the guard.
  • Hint: The right tool can open the way.
  • Hint: Jasper can remove the fan and enter through the passageway behind.

Unauthorized Entry

  • Hint: The guard is easily distracted by beauty and is duty bound to help a lady in need.
  • Hint: The door to the lounge can be opened by the guard and two others.
  • Hint: Use the Widow or the Mom to lure the guard away, then use the Key Master or Jasper to open the door.

The Fug of War

  • Hint: If you can't join them, drive them out.
  • Hint: A foul man's fanfare will send them fleeing.
  • Hint: Meriwether Malador can flatulate into the fan and drive everyone out.

Sort the LinesEdit

Line Assembly Production

  • Hint: If you want something done right...
  • Hint: One by one, size by size, a line is made.
  • Hint: The crowd can be stacked and moved one-by-one into small, medium and large lines.

Gust of Order

  • Hint: The scent of an old friend is the flag of a new ally.
  • Hint: Drive them away, wave them back.
  • Hint: Flatuale on the crowd, and then strike Leader Chesley can organize them.

Uppercut Shuffle

  • Hint: For a line to be proper, cuts can't be allowed.
  • Hint: The padded glove of order is needed to sort the lines.
  • Hint: Give everyone in line a proper uppercut and they will sort themselves.

Wind the ClockEdit

A Clockwork Pelican

  • Hint: The winder is highly nested.
  • Hint: The clock can be manually wound from above.
  • Hint: Use the pelican to fly up to the nest, unstack to Charlie, and stack into the winding device.

A Gentleman's Solution

  • Hint: Take the tiny vent into the winding room and open the doors with the override device.
  • Hint: Once the doors are open, he can enter to give it a proper winding.
  • Hint: Find the handshake man and take him inside to give the manual winder a firm handshake.

Wind Under Your Wings

  • Hint: When he gets angry, he creates an updraft that can float balloons.
  • Hint: Stack the Balloon Waiter into Engineer Cross and blow his lid near the fans.
  • Hint: Float up to the catwalk above the fans, unstack to Charlie, and then stack into the winding device.


"Unique dolls are one of a kind and are often used to solve puzzles. They are easily spotted by a slight shimmering effect and collecting them will unlock rewards."

"Some unique dolls belong to a matched stacking set. Stacking all of the dolls together from the same matched set will advance the game and unlock rewards."

(Every doll is available to be collected during the first level of play except for Engineer Switch. You must play through The Gilded Steamship and come back to The Royal Train Station to gain the ability to collect him.)

Meriwether Malodor
Meriwether Malodor
  • Collected: Wandering around the Main Concourse
  • Ability: Flatulate - Meriwether breaks wind, expelling a large smelly cloud behind him. This will cause other dolls to flee the area, and can increase the size of open flames.
  • "Years of drinking milk past its expiration date has left Meriwether with badly befuddled bowels."
2013-05-09 00001
Hans Allendorf (Lost German Family Set)
  • Collected: In the Main Concourse, by the bathrooms
  • Ability: Go Potty - If Hans is standing in the Men's Room, the Go Potty ability will cause him to pee his pants.
  • "Hans is a nervous child who is constantly in motion and quite commonly lost."
Luydmila Allendorf
Luydmila Allendorf (Lost German Family Set)
  • Collected: At the entrance to the Main Concourse
  • Ability: Tap Dance - Lyudmila dances on the spot, showing off her new tap shoes, entertaining dolls around her.
  • "A pleasant but twitchy girl, Lyudmila has focused her surplus kinetic energy on mastering the art of tap dance."
2013-05-09 00002

Ursula Allendorf (Lost German Family Set)

  • Collected: Wandering around near ticket booths in the Main Concourse
  • Ability: Scream for Help - Ursula shrieks at the top of her lungs, causing nearby dolls to rush to her side to see what's wrong.
  • "Ursula's favorite pastimes include laughing at the misfortune of others, schnitzel husbandry, and frequent screaming."
2013-05-09 00003

Guard Perry

  • Collected: In front of the Royal Lounge
  • Ability: Open - Allows Perry to open sealed doors, such as the Royal Lounge front entrance.
  • "A rugged man with an undergraduate degree in Door Oversight, he holds his unrealized dream to be a dancer close to his heart."
2013-05-09 00005

Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper

  • Collected: Next to the Royal Lounge entrance
  • Ability: Maintain - Jasper is one of many wrench-bearing characters who can perform maintenance, interactions with certain panels that cause various effects.
  • "Jasper Harkens from a family of hard-working immigrants who believe in the value of an honest day's work."
Widow Chastity
The Widow Chastity
  • Collected: Wandering around near the ticket booths in the Main Concourse
  • Ability: Seduce - Chastity shakes what her mother gave her, causing any male adult dolls in the area to follow her around, stupefied with love.
  • "A three-time widow, Kristen Chastity enjoys the thrill of the hunt more than the gluttony of the feast."
Solicitor Barnabas
Solicitor Barnabas
  • Collected: Inside Main Concourse, lower area
  • Ability: Smoke - Barnabas takes a heavy drag on his pipe, then breathes it out. The resulting smoke cloud causes nearby dolls to go into coughing fits.
  • "An ambitious man of dubious moral fabric, the solicitor has often leveraged his social status to influence others to do his unsavory bidding."
2013-05-09 00006

Ticketeer Frederick (Train Guild Set)

  • Collected: Outside the Royal Lounge after completing Empty the Lounge
  • Ability: Adjust Hat - Exactly what it says on the button.
  • "Ticketeer Frederick's intolerance of disorder is matched only by his disdain for labor unions."

Conductor Orville (Train Guild Set)

  • Collected: Outside the Royal Lounge after completing Empty the Lounge
  • Ability: Blow Whistle - Orville deploys his train whistle, blowing a loud, high-pitched noise and potentially startling nearby dolls.
  • "Conductor Orville loves the shrill of the train whistle, the crispness of a punched ticket card, and the musty smell of charcoal in the morning."
2013-05-09 00007

Engineer Ulysses (Train Guild Set)

  • Collected: Outside the Royal Lounge after completing Empty the Lounge
  • Ability: Full Steam Ahead - Ulysses charges straightforward at high speed, useful for crossing short distances quickly.
  • "Infamous for his short tempter and head full of steam, Engineer Ulysses is a resolute man eager to do what it takes to keep the trains running on time."

Strike Leader Chesley

  • Collected: Near the ticket booths in the Main Concourse after breaking up the strike
  • Ability: Organize - Chesley re-arranges groups of dolls into vaguely orderly groups.
  • "Chesley is a man of great ambition and little talent who attributes his middle management successes to the commanding presence of his eye patch."
2013-05-09 00004

Lounge Host Demoreuille

  • Collected: Inside the Royal Lounge
  • Ability: Insult Patron - When used on a doll, Demoreuille will come up with a withering insult to put them in their place. He has special insults for some of the Unique Dolls.
  • "With a love of exclusivity and little tolerance for the banal, he spends his idle time perfecting his disdain for the very patrons he serves."

Drummer Percy

  • Collected: Inside the Main Concourse, lower area, up some stairs (If you're in the lower area but facing the ticket booths the stairs will be to your left.)
  • Ability: Play Drum - Percy bangs on his drum. Not much is accomplished.
  • "A marching band virtuoso, Percy staunchly denies that his large drum is over-compensation for anything lacking in his character."

Key Master Dawson

  • Collected: In the Clock area (before the Main Concourse). Standing in the center of the rug in the middle of the room.
  • Ability: Unlock - Dawson unlocks things that are locked. Very straightforward.
  • "A child prodigy, the Key Master gained notoriety at a young age for his unprecedented speed during the padlock crises of '94."

Judge Meantal

  • Collected: In front of the ticket booths in the Main Concourse after Sort the Lines, or in the Top Hat Bar before then.
  • Ability: Deliver Justice - the Judge hits people with his gavel and sentences them to various unfortunate fates.
  • "A fair-minded judge with a penchant for theatrics, he often delivers his rulings with a thundering double slam of his gavel."

Engineer Switch

  • Collected: In front of train to The Triple-Decker Tank Engine
  • Ability: Crossing Guard - Switch deploys a railway crossing light.
  • "Blinded in one eye by a runaway penny farthing, Engineer Switch has devoted his life to helping others cross safely."

Engineer Cross

  • Collected: Next to train to The Zeppelin of Consequence
  • Ability: Blow Lid - Cross lets off some pressure by blowing steam out of his hat.
  • "A short tempered life-long engine man, Engineer Cross is known to blow his lid when his exacting standards are not met."


"Hi-Jinks are a bit of mischevious fun that can earn you new rewards! Check out the Hi-Jinks list for this location by pressing the Select button and then L1 to cycle to the Hi-Jinks tab. Use the Hi-Jinks names as clues and experiment with dolls and abilities to discover them!

"Dolls involved in Hi-Jinks are accessorized to show your accomplishment! Complete all of the Hi-Jinks in a location for additional rewards!"

(Hi-Jinks are not available during the first level of play. You must play through to the second level ('The Guilded Steamship') and come back to The Royal Train Station to access the Hi-Jinks menu.)


  • Use Solicitor Barnabas to talk to adult women. (10)

Look Both Ways!

  • Use Crossing Guard ability on dolls.

You're IT!

  • Play Tag with child dolls.

A Little Relieved

  • Use Hans "Go Potty" ability in the men's bathroom.

A Blast on the Past

  • Flatulate on old dolls.

The Black Widow

  • Seduce 3 adult men at once.


  • Use the Lounge Host's Insult Patron ability on dolls.

Bathroom Chatterbox

  • Talk to dolls in both restrooms.

Rule of Law

  • Deliver justice to dolls.

An Uninvited Uppercut

  • Give dolls in the lounge a Proper Uppercut.